Simplifying Complex Seminars

Approved for 16 CEU Credits

Strupp Brumm Seminars

Salvageable Fracture

Tragic accident with a great ending! A 7 year old girl fell and broker her front tooth in half.  Her mother was able to find the fracture and I was able to bond it back in place.  Protocol: See if the fracture is salvageable. Hopefully in one piece. Treat the fracture

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Rebuilding a Quadrant

A nice series on rebuilding a quadrant. Endodontics retreated #2. Zinc base placed Remove old failing dentistry Isolate and control hemorrhage. Pascal 00 Siltrax #7 with epi soaked in Retrax AC. Bond in core buildups. Denmat Core Paste. Final Prep Isolate for final impression “…the Return on Investment on this

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Core Buildup Setup

Our Core Buildup Setup. Entire Core Build-Up protocol and Product list is free on our website. Click Here “…the Return on Investment on this course is unmatched…” A. P., DDS, Charlotte, NC REGISTER NOW ACT NOW

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Full Arch Implant Hybrids

This is one of those cases that gave me goosebumps. I have been designing and delivering full arch implant hybrids ever since I joined Bill Strupp 11 years ago. I have used and broken just about every material combination out there and it’s amazing how rapidly technology can change.This IMO is the

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Barreled in Furcations

Barreled in Furcations. I learned this early in my career from Bill Strupp, Daniel Melker, and Richard Rasmussen. Lab Protocol: Follow the contours of the prepared teeth eliminating a height of contour over the furcation up to the occlusal table. This creates a more cleanable restoration. Fat contours over furcations

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If It’s Not Perfect Then Do It Again

If its not perfect, then do it again. I learned this the first day I joined Bill Strupp. Still working on getting there! “In reality, a crown and bridge impression is merely a reflection of the dentist’s integrity – nothing more and nothing less. Strive for excellence in impression making

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"...the Return on Investment on this course is unmatched..." A. P., DDS, Charlotte, NC