Simplifying Complex Seminars

Approved for 16 CEU Credits

Preventing Restorative Induced Pulp Death

Steps in preventing RESTORATIVE INDUCED PULP DEATH which occurs at the rate of about 10% within 5 years for the average dentist according to the literature: 1) Prepare the teeth with excessive amounts of water. Overheating the tooth by 5 degrees Centigrade will cause the pulp to die. 2) Remove all of the gross decay […]

Durelon Provisional Cement

This is a classic example of why we use Durelon for our provisional cement.  Durelon is an older permanent cement used for many years. Better retention of provisional than temporary cements. Its antimicrobial and protects the tooth. As you can see it sticks/bonds to the tooth surface rather than the provisional like most provisional cements […]

Full Arch Rehab

Full Arch Rehab: Replace lost dentin with composite core buildups. Replace enamel with Porcelain or Gold. Denmat Core Paste Self Cure ONLY enamel shade. Impression: 3M Imprint 4 regular set Cord: Pascal #7 Siltrax 00 braided with Epi. Download the Core Buildup Protocol   MARCH 14th, 15th 2025 – CLEARWATER BEACH, FLORIDA “…the Return on […]

A Great Subject on Full Mouth Restorative Cases

Upper arch or Lower arch first???? Questions often arise of why we do the lower arch first so here it is. The reasons the lower arch are restored first are: Bill Strupp: 1) The length of the lower incisors is the prime determinant for the vertical dimension of occlusion which is altered in most every […]

Camera Setup Configurations For Dentists

Photography: I am not an expert but I love photography. Although I attempt to delegate this procedure, I usually take 95% of the photos in our office. My mission is to keep it very simple. Here are my camera setup configurations that I presented at our last lecture. 1) Canon 5D is my favorite camera. […]

Strupp & Brumm Seminars Testimonial

For my good dental friends: If you haven’t yet registered for Drs. Bill Strupp and Michael Brumm’s course, Simplifying Complex Cosmetic And Restorative Dentistry, for whatever reason, here is an unsolicited testimonial from Dr. Chris Ramsey! One last note, these events have sold out every year and people are turned away due to lack of […]

Lab Protocols Incisal Embrasures

Lab Protocols – Incisal Embrasures: Most great ceramists understand this concept, but some dentists, patients, and technicians need to be reminded of this including me. The incisal embrasures need to be opened to make the case believable cosmetically. I feel especially between the laterals and the canines. We do a lot of whiter shades in […]

Tissue Health is The Key

Tissue health is the key to long term success of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. When bonding you must have a dry uncontaminated surface throughout the procedure. Our protocol is to scrub the sulcus with Pure 4% CHG using Inspiral brush tip in a 3cc syringe. 2-3 Days prior to prep2-3 Days prior to delivery This […]

Full Arch Case

Up close and personal look at a recent full arch case we delivered. This is full wax and pressed using GC’s Lisipress HT-High Translucency BLE (Bleach Enamel) Ingot. No layering and minimal ceramic stain using GC lustre paste. All made in our in-house dental laboratory by our exceptional ceramist. MARCH 14th, 15th 2025 – CLEARWATER BEACH, FLORIDA “…the […]

Jet Acrylic Provisionals

We use durelon permanent cement to cement our jet acrylic provisionals. 1) Gently rocking the provisionals with hemostats breaks the cement seal and easily removes the provisionals. Bisacryl provisionals are brittle and will not flex like acrylic. 2) Durelon, unlike temporary cements, sticks to the tooth versus the provisionals. 3) Less micro leakage during provisional phase results in […]