Simplifying Complex Seminars

Approved for 16 CEU Credits

This is one of those cases that gave me goosebumps.
I have been designing and delivering full arch implant hybrids ever since I joined Bill Strupp 11 years ago.
I have used and broken just about every material combination out there and it’s amazing how rapidly technology can change.
This IMO is the best combo yet.
Full milled titanium frame with individual bonded GC Lisipress crowns and GC pink composite tissue.
This case was just finished, porcelain and composite, by our world class ceramist, James D. Free-CDT.
Exceptional wax setup design and milling of the titanium bar by the Wizard, Richard Wodzinski.
Neoss Implants Robert Johnston placed by
Richard Rasmussen.
Gc LISIPRESS BLE HT INGOT restorations with luster paste stain.
GC pink composite tissue.
"...the Return on Investment on this course is unmatched..." A. P., DDS, Charlotte, NC